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Market Access, Company Establishments and Business Operations in China

China remains one of the world’s fastest growing economies and rapidly developing B2C and B2B markets. Many overseas companies have realized the growth potential and wish to sell their products or services on the Chinese market. 


But selling in China is not a simple matter and requires real market insights and cooperating with people on the ground who can offer expert advice, support and guide you in the right direction.

About Us is a professional business advisory & service firm in Shanghai that offers practical advice and supporting services to international investors and mostly Scandinavian companies with their market access, company establishments and business operations in China. 

In Denmark, we have partnered up with WISOR that offers advice and assistance to Nordic companies looking for business and market opportunities in China.

  • When supporting companies in China, we understand that the key to our clients’ success is not alone to understand our own business. It is to understand yours.

  • Working with us means entering into a partnership in which we will not only give you advice but also give you our opinion.

  • We have a strong network of specialist within Legal, Accounting, Trading, HR, Market Research, E-commerce, Social Media and IT that we access for additional expert support.


Our Team

Doing business in China is all about people, the people that work for you and with you. Our team has a strong business and legal background combined with more than 25 years of experience in assisting foreign-invested enterprises in China. Everything we do is based on practical solutions to daily operational issues.

Noam David Stern Founding Partner
  • Noam David Stern

Noam David Stern,

Co-founder & Business Advisor

  • From Copenhagen, Denmark but lived in China since 2005. 


  • 15 years of experience advising and servicing Scandinavian companies in China with their market access, company set-ups and daily business operations.

Daisy Du, Partner
  • Daisy Du

Daisy Du,

Co-founder & Legal Advisor

  • Master of Law (LLM) from Durham University, UK, PRC Bar Certificate and business degree from New Zealand.​​

  • Solid legal expertise and experience supporting overseas companies with their operations in China.

Peter Ølbye, Partner Denmark
  • Peter Oelbye

Peter Ølbye,
WISOR, Denmark

  • ​From Copenhagen, Denmark but previously lived in China.

  • 18 years of experience advising and assisting  Scandinavian companies with their market access and business activities in China.

Ellie Zhang, Partner
  • Ellie Zhang

Ellie Zhang, Partner, Legal

  • Master of Law (LLM) from Nanjing University, China, PRC Bar Certificate and PRC License to practice law.


  • Strong legal expertise and experience with litigation and supporting foreign-invested companies in China.

Ian Cheng, Partner
  • Ian Cheng

Ian Cheng, Partner, Legal

  • Master of Law (LLM) from Nanjing University, China, PRC Bar Certificate and PRC License to practice law.


  • Strong legal know-how and experience with advertising law, anti-competition law and litigation in China.


Our Services

Our business and legal services are based on international business understanding and practices. We offer practical and well-proven solutions to everyday challenges  based on many years of real operational experience in China.


  • Market Appraisal: Expert advice on market entry, company set-up and start-up of operations in China.

  • Go-2-Market Study: Analyse market conditions, distribution & (online) sales channels, SoMe marketing, IPR protection, laws & regulations, costs & prices, and other critical  factors when doing business in China.​​​

  • Accounting, Finance & Tax Advisory: Analyze, assess and propose optimal set-up in relation to tax benefits, bookkeeping, budget control, cash flow, registered capital, profit repatriation, payment remittance and similar. 

  • E-commerce: One-stop brand management services for direct online sales in China handling import & customs clearance, warehouse & logistics, SoMe marketing & KOLs, e-commerce platforms & online shops, and customer service. 

  • Partner Search: Search for, identify and nominate potential partners such as importers, distributors, agents or suppliers.

  • Accounting & Reporting: Carry out daily bookkeeping, prepare and file financial reports, handle tax filings and payments, and coordinate annual inspection and audit. 


  • Payroll: Calculate and pay salary, social insurance, housing fund, individual income tax

  • Project Management: Direct on the ground support during pre-investment, company set-up, start-up, interim period or specific business project.


  • China Co., Ltd.: Manage company set-up including professional advice and guidance, information & document collection, online & offline record-filings, lease agreement (virtual address), business license, company seals, tax registration, bank accounts, and trading license.


  • HK Limited: Manage company registration process such as name registration, registered address, certificate of incorporation, business registration certificate and company seal.

  • IPR Protection (Patent, Trademark and Copyright): Prepare action plan, online monitoring, conduct research, prepare & file applications, handle registrations, manage IP infringements and enforce IP rights.

  • Contract Reviewing & Drafting: Check, revise and prepare contracts in English & Chinese according to Chinese laws, regulations and practices such as supplier /  distribution / agent / employment / JV / shareholder / share transfer / confidentiality / non-disclosure / leasing contracts.

  • Contract Negotiations: Provide advice and practical support before and during talks in China to secure best legal and commercial terms & conditions.

  • Labour Dispute Settlement: Act as an intermediary in negotiating and settling employment issues and terminations.

  • HR/Employment: Prepare Employment Contract and Employee Handbook in English & Chinese according to Chinese Labour (Contract) Law and practices including inserted comments with advice and tips. 

  • Background Checks: Conduct background checks on existing or potential cooperation partners such as suppliers, customers and distributors in China.


  • Legal Translation: Get official documents and transcripts translated from English to Chinese.



Track Record

We have great expertise and experience from working with companies in the wind power, maritime, automotive, construction, design, lifestyle and F&B industries and from our own work in FMCG, Retail, Corporate Services and Commercial Real Estate .


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